The MJS PedalBox

The PedalBox is a very simple peripheral device that connects to a serial port and provides (via host software) a number of system-/program-control possibilites.

Because of its' simple hardware, it automagically works with both RS232 (12V) and TTL-level (5V) serial ports - without having to set any jumpers or switches, and without having to change any software settings.

It also will work at any baud-rate supported by the host system, and is self-identifing via the provided reference software (below).

For the curious, or those wanting to build their own PedalBox (it is relatively easy!), the original development project is documented at

Reference Software

This software provides a generic PedelBox-monitor program for UNIX/Linux systems, together with an auxiliary program for Solaris that allows the pedal events to control the system speaker volume.

The event-stream reported by the monitor program is "plain text", so can even be interpreted (and acted upon) by a shell-script! See the protocol manual-page for details.

There are also online manual-pages available for the host-resident device-monitor and the Solaris program that uses the reported device-events to control the system speaker volume.