CD drive

Note: the CD drive and data-cables are not the original SunCD4 drive that shipped with the system in 1997, but are replacement parts that have been tested and actively used with this specific system.

The included drive is a CD-R (recordable) one, unlike the original CDROM-only drive. However, it is a mid-90's drive, and therefore doesn't particularly like reading modern "short-strategy" pthyalocyanine CD-R media.

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FRU List

Note: the E6000-to-molex power cable for the CD drive ("SCSI Adapter Tray to SCSI Tray Power Cable", 530-2223) is listed/shown as part of the SCSI Adaptor Tray assembly, on the Enterprise 16-slot Logic Enclosure page.

FRU Quantity Part Number Notes
4x CD-R drive 1 non-Sun part TEAC CD-R55S; tested with the system (used to install Solaris 2.6)
HD68 male to 50-pin male IDC SCSI adaptor with builtin high-half termination 1 non-Sun part tested with the system, as above
50-pin female-female SCSI ribbon cable 1 non-Sun part tested with the system, as above