Enterprise 16-slot Logic Enclosure

Pictures of Logic Enclosure and Core Modules

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SCSI Adaptor Tray:
184 Watt Peripheral Power Supply:
AC Input Adaptor:
Keyswitch Adaptor Assembly:

Parts List

Item Quantity Part Number Notes
16-Slot Chassis Assembly 1 540-2708  
16-Slot Enterprise Centerplane 1 501-3050  
SCSI Adaptor Tray 1 540-2713  
SCSI Adapter Tray to SCSI Tray Power Cable 1 530-2223  
184 Watt Peripheral Power Supply 1 300-1301  
AC Input Adaptor 1 370-1812  
UK AC Mains Lead (BS 1363 plug to IEC C19 plug) 1 n/a fitted with 13A fuse
Keyswitch Adaptor Assembly 1 370-2073