I/O board #2

Note: this board has a broken extractor-lever, although the remaining stub of the lever can still be easily used to the same effect.

Pictures of this specific board

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Gigaplane I/O board:
SBus Quad-Fast-Ethernet card:
SBus Fibre-Gigabit-Ethernet card:
SBus Fibre-Channel Host Adaptor:

Parts List (including installed option modules)

Item Quantity Part Number Notes
Type-1 I/O board for 83MHz Gigaplane ("SBus I/O with dual FC25") 1 501-4287  
FC25 Optical Module 2 370-1426  
Sun Fibre-Channel SBus Host Adaptor (FC25/S) 1 501-2553  
Sun Quad-Fast-Ethernet ("QFE/S") 1 501-4837  
Sun Gigabit Ethernet 2.0/3.0 ("GBE/S") 1 501-4375 note: this is an optical-fibre (FC100) Gigabit Ethernet