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the mini multi-tasking HTTP/1.1 web-server

Installation Guide

  1. Preparation

    From a shell prompt, cd into the directory where the distribution was unpacked.
  2. Generate the Makefile

    Execute the command:
    	./Configure directory

    where directory is the top-level directory where the software is to be installed. If directory is not specified, $HOME will be used.

    This creates a "makefile". If any of the configuration settings could not be automatically determined, you will be warned that the makefile may need manual adjustment (although this is rare).

    You may want to inspect the generated makefile anyway, just to see.

  3. Build and Install the programs and manpages

    	make install
  4. Finishing Off

    Once you have a working installation, you may as well remove the temporary files from the distribution directory, by executing the command:
    	make clean
    This does not remove the makefile, but it does clear out the real junk.

    Next, there is the (optional) task of setting up your UNIX print-spooler.

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